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Energy Efficient Design

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Gentle Harbor Group Home Pine Hill, NJ

Built in 2004, the Gentle Harbor Group Home in Pine Hill, NJ provides temporary housing for young children whose home life has been deemed detrimental to their welfare. The facility houses residential units as well as office space for the supervisory and support staff.

In response to safety and maintenance concerns of the Owner, Polaris incorporated such design aspects as rocker light switches, recessed sprinkler heads and light fixtures, childproof receptacle covers, remote temperature sensing, and perforated type air registers purposely located out of the reach of the young occupants.

Among the energy efficient features in this building are the high efficiency, direct vent domestic water heater, 92% efficient gas furnaces and 12+ SEER air conditioning. In addition, a large portion of the home utilized natural ventilation to enhance indoor air quality and to minimize energy consumption by the HVAC system.

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