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Your project has an architect, step two is finding the right electrical engineer to help facilitate the planning and design of how power will flow through your structure, as well as how that building will be illuminated. With thousands of projects under our belt, Polaris has the experience and the skills to work with your architect to support their plans with an electrical and lighting system that is both up to code and energy efficient.

Our staff will Ensure that all local, municipal, state and federal codes are met, before any electrical work is begun, to help conceptualize the right solution for your project and its challenges. There are often several contributing factors to what constitutes the "right" solution to a problem. We have developed tools to clearly and concisely communicate the issues along with the advantages & disadvantages of various options, to ensure you and your team are well informed. Then we will seek to develop a consensus-based solution for your project.

Some of the Electrical Engineering Design Services we provide:

Power & Lighting systems design

Low Voltage systems design

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